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Durign my two months in Buenos Aires, I took Spanish lessons with Silvina. As I already knew Italian and French before that, a regular Spanish course would have been to sloow for me.
With Silvina the great thing is, that se adapts to the level you need and you can pick the topics you are interested in or think you need most. She has many materials and suggestions, so that the lessons never get boring.

She is also very knowledgable about the city of Buenos Aires and Argentinian culture and way of living. I very much enjoyed the lessons with her and definitely learned a lot.

Thanks for everything!

Lea, Germany

For a good start in South-America we followed Spanish classes with Silvina. In just one week we have formed a good base of Spanish which helped us a lot during our four-month journey.

We liked Silvina very much because she was very nice and optimistic and she could explain the Spanish grammar very clear to us. We definitively would recommend her as Spanish teacher to everybody.

Muchas gracias!

Chantal, Elles & Hetty

It was a pleasure studying Spanish with Silvina. As you have one-to-one you can ask as many stupid questions you want!. I learned a lot from the classes I had during six weeks here in Buenos Aires, about the culture, language and people of Buenos Aires, and of course some grammar.


This is the great thing about the classes, you can talk about exactly what you want and think is interesting. It seems like Silvina knows something about everything! If you are looking for a good Spanish teacher, you just found her!


Thank you for everything!


Helle, Norway


I recently spent 2 weeks in Buenos Aires an decided to make the mos of my short stay and attempt to improve my spanish with some tuition. I found Silvina through her website.


IThe 2 weeks of classes I undertook were always interesting. The great thing was that I had the oppertunity to talk a lot covering a broad range of topics. Silvina was brilliant at identifying my weaknesses and working on them with me. She was always patient. I found that my Spanish improved and I was learning a lot about Argentinian life and culture. The only thing I regret is that I didnt have more than 2 weeks to study Spanish.







Silvina is a very special find - patient, fun, generous, creative and committed, we highly recommend her classes. We studied with Silvina for about six weeks and in short order we went from not being comfortable saying a word to being able to get around the city and be understood.

It was exciting to have such positive results in such a short period of time.


With her wonderful insight into local culture and comfortable study environment, (complete with tea, cofee and cookies) lessons frequently felt a lot more like a visit with a very cool friend.


Thank you for everything silvina, you've inspired us to keep studying Spanish and we hope to be back soon to see you again!


Best wishes!

Gabby and Charles

San Francisco


I received three months of top quality Spanish instruction from Silvina in 2009.


I had previously studied Spanish off and on for years through a variety of teachers and courses.

Never had I improved as quickly as when I was studying with Silvina.

She was very perceptive to my strengths, weaknesses, and learning
style and she went out of her way to customize each class to my needs.
Her mastery of Spanish grammar was very impressive and she was able to
explain the most complex concepts in ways in which I could quickly

Silvina is intelligent, kind, patient, and a great teacher. I would
not hesitate to recommend her excellent, personalized Spanish
instruction to anyone.

Cody Fauser
CTO - Shopify

Spanish Classes by Silvina Gruppo... actually, a very efficient but also pleasant way to learn or improve spanish in Buenos Aires!

I had 2 weeks of holidays in Buenos Aires and I wanted to take benefit of them to improve my knowledge of spanish. With only one hour of discussion Silvina had assessed my level and built up a course plan adapted to my needs and wishes.

She is really fantastically skilled at answering your answers, about grammar, conjugation, or whatever, and she does it with passion for teaching her language. Actually it seems to me that her skills come from the quality of her university career and from her experience in teaching to foreigners with distinct levels. Moreover, she has summed up such a lot of materials that she will propose you excercises and texts really adapted to your needs.


She is available and kind, and as an Argentinian she will receive you with generosity, warm and smile and you will also learn about culture with her!

In few words, Silvina is an experienced teacher with high professional skills for teaching to foreigners. Learning with her is a very efficient way of learning spanish.


Thanks a lot for your course Silvina!


Laurent Carette



Silvina is a wonderfully effective teacher. Her warm manner puts you at ease immediately and allows you to gain confidence quickly.

Her approach is thorough yet flexible - she tailored our lessons to suit our individual needs, allowing us to rapidly improve our speaking skills.


Conversations with Silvina are interesting, fun and educational - a rare combination. She is truly interested in you as a person therefore discussions revolve around your interests. This means you come away with the confidence to engage in meaningful conversations with Spanish speakers. We found every lesson to be challenging and thoroughly enjoyable.  


Silvina made our stay in Buenos Aires an absolute pleasure. We strongly recommend her to anyone interested in improving their Spanish.


Adele and Glen


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